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DCCC Periop Nursing Certificate

  1. 0 Hello all,
    I am currently enrolled for the Fall 2012 Perioperative Nursing Certificate Program at Delaware County Community College. Just seeing if anyone else out there will be attending?
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    Quote from MAYGABUCKS
    Hello all,
    I am currently enrolled for the Fall 2012 Perioperative Nursing Certificate Program at Delaware County Community College. Just seeing if anyone else out there will be attending?
    I am not enrolled but was online looking for information regarding this exact program. Can you tell me how your classes are structured? Are you doing full time or part time? How demanding are the courses? You may not have been in the program long enough yet to have a good feel but I thought I would ask anyway.
    I just graduated from a BSN2 program this past May and I am not real eager to return to the classroom just yet. But since I am having NO luck finding a job, I was considering this perioperative program.
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    Sorry I havent responded. I didn't end up taking the Program in the fall due to starting a new job. I am however currently taking it. The class is only offered at DCCC as a part time class. I go to class one night a week (Tuesdays) from 430 until about 830 (varies based on the lecture) We usually do a SIM lab from 430 until 645 take a small break and start lecture at 7.

    The course isnt very demanding as far as work. We view a video each week in class, go over short power point lectures. Then have a study guide to complete each week based on the notes that we review in class. Some reading is necessary, but i HATE to read and I'm not having a hard time completing it. It's all what you put into it.

    Clinical is set up at your own preference. I go 1-2 times a week. You have to complete about 90hrs but its at your own rate (we were told even if the semester is over if clinical isnt complete you just keep going and you wont recieve your certificate until the time is put in). Other than that we have a short paper due, which critiques a periop website and we have to go to an AORN meeting an critque it.

    I would highly reccommend this course! I've always been interested in periop nursing and Im working 2 12's a week plus a perdiem that i pick up atleast a shift a week and i'm having no trouble keeping up. So if you're considering I'd say go for it!
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    I am an RN in PA/Nj and will Definitely be looking into this!!
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    was the clinical in the sim lab or did you have to go somewhere, and if you had to go somewhere was it available on weekends?
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    I'm taking the class currently too.
    We have a sims lab in class only. The perioperative instructors discourage evening and/or weekend clinicals. They feel you will have a better clinical experience if it was done during the weekday hours.
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    Just wondering if you and your classmates were able to get jobs in the OR after completing this program? I looked into it about a year ago, but the instructor was very vague about the number of students who were actually able to secure employment. Also, did you have trouble getting a clinical site? The three that I was interested in were already taken, and I was kind of on my own to find another. I am thinking of looking into it again and would appreciate any info. Thanks!
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    sorry for the late response, haven't been on in a while. Yes, last I talked to my instructor most of the class had jobs, I was one of the few who did not at the time, not that I hadn't had offers I was just being picky and looking for something very specific. I now have a job at the surgery center I wanted to work at prior to enrolling in the class. I had no trouble getting a clinical site, if you are still considering the class try to pick your's early. I chose my own but was told if there were issues getting that site they would place me somehwere. With the experience I had, id highly reccomend the course!
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    Just to confirm I am understanding correctly, your clinical hours are in the lab and not in an actual hospital?
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    Which facilities were offered as clinical site options?
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    Its a good program, one semester long, about $1700 (as of 2015), Tuesday nights from 4p-9p (doesnt usually go that long), the set you up with a clinical site of almost your choosing, 90 hours of clinical at that site. Even if youre not sure if you want to do periop nursing..its a good way to find out if its for you