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Help! Any students or alumni from either of those schools on here that could help me? I have been accepted to both programs and I can't decide which school to attend. There are pros and cons to both options it seems! I heard some... Read More

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    I currently go to RACC and am in my 3rd semester of clinicals with 1 to go. It is not an easy program by any means, but should it be? Graduates need to be prepared to take their boards and pass! Also, in order for schools to maintain their accredidation, they must have an 80% NCLEX pass rate. When I looked into going to either school, I was almost scared away from RACC. I decided at the last moment that I wanted the ADN and the cost was a plus! It can be done with hard work and determination! I actually really enjoy it at RACC and with the exception of 2 or 3 instructors - have really liked the majority of instructors. We are expected to learn a lot on our own. They give the facts and the basis, but we are to apply critical thinking skills. Some people can - and make it - and some can't - and don't. I feel RACC gets an unnecissarily bad rap because of the high fail rate... but the majority of the people I know who did not make it - were overwhelmed. It is very difficult to work and do clinicals. I have so far (with a flexible work schedual of about 20hrs a week), but will quit to focus on my final semester next month. As for actual clinical rotations - I have experienced Med/Surg, LTC, Maternity, Psych and had a great experience at all! It is not for everyone, but for some - it is a good choice and a pleasant experience. Good luck to everyone! Nursing school is tough period! BTW - some local hospitals ARE moving away from hiring non-degreed graduate nurses. Which was another factor I considered when I chose RACC.

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    Reading Hospital program = full run of that hospital. I can't tell you how much cool things I got to see and pulled to because I was a student of that hospital.
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    Alovesjos, I have been accepted to the Fall 2013 class. Congrats on doing so well and completing the tough program, you have a lot to be proud of. I am currently finishing up my Masters in Health Education, and I am nervous to start at RACC. I have not heard anything good about this school. Could you please answer a few questions for me. Do teachers provide extra help for struggling students? Do they help narrow information for tests? How many tests are involved in each semester? I ask because I think it is unfair to not provide enough opportunities for students to prove themselves. Are tests 50 or 100 questions? What GPA do you need to achieve in order to move on to the next course load. Thanks for answering these questions and providing any other insight you might be able to offer, its much appreciated. Thanks and good luck!

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