Central Susquehanna LPN Center...Sunbury?

  1. Is/has anyone going/going to school there? It's been about 3 weeks since I took the entrance test and haven't heard anything yet. I know they've been in Sunbury for about 30 years but am wondering what it'll be like if I get accepted and what my job prospects for this area will be afterwards. I live in Bloomsburg and we have Geisinger and Bloomsburg Hospital and Sunbury Hospital but I'm new to the area and am not familiar with much with respect to nursing.

    Also, I just got here from Texas and I know *no one*. I know in the Texas forum there were a lot of students on here attending the same program at the same time and it'd be nice to meet people.

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  3. by   emmybear2005
    The LPN Center used to be known as Danville Area SD School of Nursing, that had been around for a very long time- based in Washingtonville. I went to that program back in 1995-96. Since then I have worked as an LPN in a group home. It was a good program, & I had friend graduate from the new place n liked it. If u could- look into RN schools. Geisinger has a certificate program, Penn Collage- Williamsport, and LCCC(Luzerne County Community College) had a campus in Berwick both of those are Assosiciates degrees
    I can't tell u what Bloomsburg pays their LPN's- or if they even hire LPN's anymore. I do know that Geisinger does not pay their LPN's well- about 11-13 dollars an hr to start. LTC pays better. And Geisinger runs hot & cold about LPN's- some years they hire LPN's like nobodies business, a yr later they are laying them off. Also in Bloomsburg is Bayada- home care pediatrics, but they have positions all over the place. Primarily 1 on 1 cases in homes.
    Hope this helps u a little
  4. by   HeyHeyitsMaay
    Hey thanks for helping me out! I really appreciate you sharing your experience. I was accepted (by the grace of god, still dont' know how) into the CSLPNCC program and am going into my 4th week.

    It's amazing. I'm so happy that I chose to go to school here. I talked to a girl that was rejected for the program at luzerne and gave up and applied and finally got in where I'm at school. So I'm really happy about the decision I made. The education is awesome, the total cost isn't bad at all and I'm doing well thus far.

    On the whole, LPN's do not get paid very well in the NE PA area I've found. Geisinger, IF they hire an LPN starts at 13.48 per hour for new grads. That's really sad, and I'll probably be moving out of state not long after I finish school to go to an area that's more 'nurse friendly'. :redpinkhe

    Pa. just discontinued their program for tuition reimbursement for those who complete nursing school and that, coupled with the pay rates in this area, just isn't going to cut it for me. I need a living wage while I'm working towards my RN.

    Overall though, so far I'm VERY VERY VERY satisfied with my school. Our teachers love us, and we love them..they really do care a lot. I could go on and on about how great it is!

    Did you have Mrs. K. as a teacher when you were there? She said she's been here for awhile....

    anyway, thanks again for responding!