ccac's rejections letters for the nursing program - page 2

I am outraged at how bad things are getting for the pre-nursing students at CCAC. They change policies about the classes in the middle of the night and don't tell anyone and trying to get correct... Read More

  1. by   neverbethesame
    so even if you were not informed before january 15th from keeping up with the website, your advisors, nursing office staff, or even your fellow pre-nursing classmates about the rumors of the removal of the pax and change in gpa requirements a potential applicant would have been well aware of it before turning in their application. so completely reading your application packet could have prevented anyone from being unpleasantly surprised when acceptance/rejection letters came out.
    tpejjj is far more right than wrong!! i have been dealing with the nursing program and their unethical -and probably illegal practices for many months. they don't know sh*t from shinola. i could add a lot to the first message as i have so much of this crap in writing through emails and letters sent to me following up meetings that i have had with higher-ups. i highlighted the above information because it seems logical that that would be a wise way to find out information but i was chastised for talking to further to people at the school as well as looking more at the website than i was supposed to, my age and the fact that i have a degree in another field were used against me because they thought i should "know" certain things regarding their processes.

    just because some people get through a process unscathed doesn't mean that everyone has.
  2. by   paula1501
    I feel your pain I totally qualify and was denied because early on in my college career I dropped and failed courses but I retook them with As and I currently have a 4.0 grade point average and all generals finished. I really feel like it should say on the application YOU WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED IF U WITHDRAWED OR FAILED IN THE PAST. I'm so discouraged and am looking to be reconsidered I didn't have the luxury back then of living at home with mom and taking one class per semester and I balanced two kids two jobs at times to survive and full time school but I messed up. That doesn't mean that's who I am today I have straight As now and have redeemed myself and they just denied me and didn't see that!