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Just wanted to start a thread for those who applied to CCAC for this upcoming Spring semester. What were your stats when you applied? What campus did you select? What are your nursing goals? I... Read More

  1. by   ericarenee86
    Did you just talk to her today?
  2. by   belchel
    She said it was at Cal. And I was like so you can't tell me if I got in or not and she said its not that. They just don't have a list of ppl
  3. by   ericarenee86
    How can they not have a list but some ppl.already got their letters from cal? Smh
  4. by   beans1019
    Quote from mandee306
    Hello! Congrats to everyone who got in and good luck to those waiting. I was accepted to Boyce day program. I applied to cal so I'm a little disappointed because I'm from the mon valley area which is about and hour drive to Boyce. Oh we'll I guess it's only for two years right? Anyone else in Boyce day?
    I applied for Cal as well and go into Boyce day. I live in Rostraver township so it's quite a hike for me as well.
  5. by   jlynn_RN
    There were a few people in my RN Achievement class who did not get their letter yet either. Hang tight!!
  6. by   ericarenee86
    Quote from PghGirl7
    There were a few people in my RN Achievement class who did not get their letter yet either. Hang tight!!
    as of today ?
  7. by   jlynn_RN
    I'm not sure. My class was at 12pm with them. I won't see them until next Monday, but one girl is supposed to text me when she gets hers.
  8. by   ericarenee86
    Ok Ty
  9. by   nguyencs
    Mail came and I didn't get a letter. Friendship area. Hoping for tomorrow.
  10. by   kmoty01
    I don't see how cal is so popular this year, I was reading through other forums for previous classes and a lot of ppl ended up getting placed at cal bc their first and second choices were full.. i'm just really not looking forward to over an hour drive for classes..
  11. by   ericarenee86
    belchel did u get your mail yet??????????????
  12. by   ericarenee86
    I went down to boyce campus and talked to the sec. for the nursing program about my address change. They just got their "list" today and I did not get into boyce day or night, allgeheny was my 2nd choice but of course they wont talk to me on the phone! so I have to wait for the mail to come tomo.
  13. by   belchel
    I didn't get anything so I'm assuming I didn't get in