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Hello everyone, I have been following and replying to some posts for the September 2012 admissions and wanted to hear some thoughts on everyone applying to the January program. I was so excited to start my application and get... Read More

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    Quote from cutietray426
    Hey where did you take the TEAS at for Aria? I'm scheduled to take mine tomorrow and never received a confirmation on what location or where to go??
    I took the Teas at Abington Dixon.

    Start out early in case you have to travel to another location.

    Good luck to you.

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    Hello former applicants! I am a current applicant, and was wondering where you find the RAP review and the tier information, is it when you log in to the applicant checklist?

    You were all right about Julie, she is very helpful and well suited for her position at Aria.

    Thanks for the documentation of your journey here on ALL Nurses, it offers a glimmer of light (hope) in the darkness.
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    Hi there. Unfortunately 2 semesters ago they never updated any RAP review during my application process. So none of us knew what tier we were in we just got a letter of acceptance in the mail. Not sure if they ever started that again. There is a way to sign in to get updates on the application process and see what classes have been added. Go to the Aria website on School of Nursing page. Click the "applicant checklist" on the left. Click on the link that says "here" for forgotten pin or id and it will be emailed to you. Good luck. Best wishes to you on your journey to becoming an ASON student!

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