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Hello everyone, I have been following and replying to some posts for the September 2012 admissions and wanted to hear some thoughts on everyone applying to the January program. I was so excited... Read More

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    Hey I was thinking does anyone know what time orientation is to take place? I believe its the first week of dec. 4, 5, and 6th but I was unsure as to what the times are! And as for your first term, do a lot of your tests fall on the same day? I am kind of concerned that I am going to have a bunch of similar tests, such as Biology, all in one day and be mixing up the info!!

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    Hey! I just found this post and I am so excited. I will be starting the program in January. I just moved here from CT last week so it's been super hectic trying to get all the paperwork done in the middle of moving! I was also just looking to see what time the orientation is but I can't find it anywhere. I am sure they will let us know. I am so excited to meet everyone!
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    To all of the new students in this thread: best of luck in your nursing journey. I am a psych RN with 27 years experience in a variety of settings, and I live in Aria Torresdale's general vicinity. If you have any nursing questions, psych questions, or just want to vent, please feel free to email me.
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    Hello Everyone! Congratulations on your acceptance to Aria Health SON!
    I am one final exam and evaluation away from completing my first semester. I absolutely loved <3 this website for keeping sane and answering all of my questions during the admission process.

    I wish you all the best of luck & success! :-)

    I truly believe you will love the program. Students, facualty & staff are all extremely helpful.

    P.S. There were times I wanted to pull out my hair and cry, but I know the intensity of the courseload will definitely pay off in my career.
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    Hey, I just found this thread and not sure if anyone will see this, but it doesn't hurt to try.

    I was wondering if anyone noticed the required "reading" list for winter 2013 they gave us in orientation..
    I wasn't planning on buying those books, so does anyone know if the library has them? And will the teachers be assigning readings from those books throughout the term or are they really just for our own personal use?

    See you all in a few weeks!
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    I just completed nurs 110 in november and if the syllabus remains the same majority of the reading comes from fundamentals vol. 1&2 and gerontology come from the med surg textbook, maybe a few chapters online from ATI. Those were the only two books I bought so far.
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    Like awarren said, those will be the only books you use plus the nursing care plan book. The Med-Surg and nursing care plan books are at the library and will only be used briefly compared to Nursing Fundamentals Vol 1 & 2 which will be used weekly. Other books can wait until next semester.
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    Oh yeah...I forgot about the care plan book. lol :-)
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    Hey i'm scheduled to take my TEAS tomorrow at 9am and I never received an email confirming the location. Does anyone know where I go?? Do I go to the 3 Neshaminy Interplex address or the 4918 Penn St Philadelphia, PA 19124 address?? Please anyone who took the test please help. I emailed Julie and called twice today and got no response.
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    Hey where did you take the TEAS at for Aria? I'm scheduled to take mine tomorrow and never received a confirmation on what location or where to go??

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