Applied or accepted to Drexel ACE BSN Spring 2012? - page 3

I applied a month or so ago to the ACE program at Drexel for Spring 2012 and found out today that I've been accepted! I wasn't expecting to hear back from them so soon, but I'm not complaining!... Read More

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    thanks for the info lostinthesauce, I think I saw that schedule on another ACE trhead. I was just wondering if they've changed it. But as a guidline, thats helpful.

    jlynnb - I will def share any pertinant info I find during my visit. I too am deciding between schools (West Chester is my other) so I hope this visit sheds more light on the subject for me. This site has helped tremendously as well.

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    Does anyone know how Drexel decides who they accept? Other schools seem to require GRE scores, essays, recommendations, the works. Drexel barely asks for anything.
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    Drexel is pretty much strictly GPA. That's why their drop rate is slightly higher than other schools.
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    re: text books for ACE, I read that they use e-books now, is that for all classes or just some? I think this is a recent change so I havn't found much info on other threads. I also read on the Facebook - ACE accepted students page, that students get an ipod touch in the Informatics class first quarter. Should we have a laptop/ipad/e-reader as well?
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    to answer my own question :smackingf I found the following thread which also includes info on ACE supplies. someone may find it helpful as well...

    if anyone has more current info, I'd appreciate that too
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    more info on Drexel's use of ipod touch...
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    This question is for everyone who was recently accepted into the ACE program - what was your undergraduate GPA? I just cannot understand Drexel's admission process and how they decide who to accept and reject. I am getting anxious.
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    How Many students are they accepting for spring 2012
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    On the website it says spring term 11-12 starts on April 2... That means we all missed the start date?!
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    it means Spring of 2012, secifically April 2, 2012. I had to call to get clarification on that - I was confused too. My application was listed as Spring 11-12 and I thought they had it wrong. But that session is, in fact, Spring of next year.

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