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I applied a month or so ago to the ACE program at Drexel for Spring 2012 and found out today that I've been accepted! I wasn't expecting to hear back from them so soon, but I'm not complaining!... Read More

  1. by   gouranga
    This question is for everyone who was recently accepted into the ACE program - what was your undergraduate GPA? I just cannot understand Drexel's admission process and how they decide who to accept and reject. I am getting anxious.
  2. by   msnee
    How Many students are they accepting for spring 2012
  3. by   msnee
    On the website it says spring term 11-12 starts on April 2... That means we all missed the start date?!
  4. by   Tillytiffin
    it means Spring of 2012, secifically April 2, 2012. I had to call to get clarification on that - I was confused too. My application was listed as Spring 11-12 and I thought they had it wrong. But that session is, in fact, Spring of next year.
  5. by   PairofThr33s
    Hey all! I just got my acceptance for the Spring 2012 semester as well! Super excited to finally get to do the whole nursing gig after so many prereqs. For those of you who were wondering, Drexel looks at your Overall GPA to be over 3.0, and if it isn't they take the last 60 credits and add those up to see where you stand. You also need 7/10 prereqs completed in order to be accepted. I didn't need a letter or recommendation or an essay, but I did have them ready just in case As far as as my Academic standpoint, my GPA wasn't awful but it certainly wasn't the best. My extra curricular activities and somewhat "lengthy" academic career definitely helped me (degree numero cuatro). My overall GPA from my first school (a community college) was a 3.02 and my GPA from my second was 3.36. However, my GPA for my last 60 credits was something like 3.7 so I wasn't overly worried. Anywho, grats to all who've been accepted and maybe I'll see you in the program! For those of you still waiting a reply don't stress, I'm sure you'll hear something soon!

  6. by   Tillytiffin
    congrats PairofThr33s!
  7. by   msnee
    When did you submit our app pairofthr33s?
  8. by   PairofThr33s
    I turned in my app. at the end of April and transcripts arrived a week after that. At first, they said I was not eligible for a decision due to a lack of prerequisites (ha!). I called and they just forgot to look at the second half of my transcripts. After that little ordeal, they turned a decision around that day. I was very impressed despite the little mishap.
  9. by   klinden1
    hey everyone, congrats to all who got in.. I submitted my application at the end of april and my transcripts about a week after that. however on the website it says my application cannot be reviewed because they did not receive my transcripts yet. I am going to call them on Monday to see if maybe they just didn't change it on the website because my transcripts deffinitely should have gotten there by now.. Also, I've done all the pre-reqs except for microbio, anatomy 1 and 2, and chem.. I believe one of the science pre-reqs needs to be completed at the time of admission. I will be done with microbio by next week and will submit that grade to them then. Do you think I still have a chance of getting in or do you think they've given out all their spots by now? My gpa in undergrad was a 3.7 so i think i have a good shot, im just worried. thanks for any input
  10. by   PairofThr33s
    You should have a very decent shot of still getting in, but just in case you might want to call them ASAP. The only thing I would be concerned about is having both A+P I and II done by the Spring (or are you applying for fall 2012?). I'm pretty certain you have to have every prerequisite completed prior to starting the program and only need 7/10 to be accepted. Either way- Best of luck!
  11. by   klinden1
    im applying for spring 2012. i will have all my pre-reqs done by the time i start the program, im doing anatomy 1 and 2 fast paced this summer. i'm just worried because the application deadline was april 15. i know they accept people after the deadline but I just hope the class isn't already full. thanks for the insight!
  12. by   PairofThr33s
    No worries in that case I'm sure you'll get in! Your GPA is excellent and taking summer courses to help finish your prereqs will def look good (at least thats how I interpret it) I also saw on other threads that people applied well past the deadline got in so I wouldn't fret.
  13. by   nolibsdan
    hey all!

    i've been accepted for the spring 2012 as well! my scenario was a little different, as i originally applied for the fall '11, but was denied, as they wanted to see more science courses completed. i've since completed all of my science pre-reqs and am completing ethics this summer. i called the admissions office to discuss re-applying and was told how to proceed, and fortunately, it all worked out!

    congrats to all that have been accepted and good luck to those still waiting to hear!

    i look forward to starting this journey with all of you!! :d:d