Applied or accepted to Drexel ACE BSN Spring 2012?

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    I applied a month or so ago to the ACE program at Drexel for Spring 2012 and found out today that I've been accepted! I wasn't expecting to hear back from them so soon, but I'm not complaining! Anyone else out there who has applied for Spring 2012 and heard back or waiting to hear back? I did not find a current thread for that start date, so I hope I'm not duplicating one!
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    I didn't, but I'm hoping to apply for that term soon. Congratulations, by the way. How much is the tuition for the ACE BSN program? I cannot find that information on the site.
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    I believe it is around $40,000. Very expensive, but a lot better than going the traditional 2 year+ route that I had been considering at the same school.
    Good luck!
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    Oh, thanks for sending that! When exactly does the Spring 2012 session begin?
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    congrats honeycrisp. i also was accepted for the spring 11-12 program. I would love to find a thread or info on total cost. I attended the info webinar last week and found that the $39K tuition does not include lab fees, or books. I just want to get a better idea of how much this will cost me when all is said and done. perhaps other thread has this info...
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    For the Fall 2011 class, tuition is $39,700. I believe the labs, fees, insurance, etc were another $2500 (not 100% on that one, but I know it's close). For books, it looks like the required bundle is $131.50 + $988.25. The optional package that is not required but strongly recommended (the study guide package) is an additional $237.50.
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    I applied for the Spring 2012 term too and they said my app was on hold until they receive my spring grades . I'm in Chem 1 and Developmental Psych now. With Micro and Nutrition left. Congrats to everyone that got accepted!
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    I just found out I was accepted as well. I really don't know anything about the program and their website information is kind of limited. Are there any current students that can share their experience? Thanks!
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    congrats aba1988! I am also dying to hear from other ACE students who have just graduated or are in the program now. I've found a few very helpful threads (scheduling, costs, things to look out for...) here on allnurses - especially the ones from those who posted while in the program, but they're from about 2-4 years ago and I'm not sure if the program has changed at all. I'm sure not much, but an updated perspective couldn't hurt. I wish you all luck and hope to see you next spring.

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