Anyone going to CCAC Allegheny fall '12 evening?

  1. 0 Hi I have just recieved my acceptance letter for Allegheny evening and I wanted to see if anyone else will be joining me. Just wanted to meet some students before school starts!
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    hey kay0324, i guess we will be classmates!! good ideastarting a thread.
    just got my acceptance letter yesterday and i am still indisbelief! i honestly didn’t think i would get in, especially with how manythat i heard applied, but i am super excited for august toget here asap. i am honestly surprised that it was only a one page letter with no info on saving your seat or when to expect more paperwork in the mail. thought the waiting game would be over once an acceptence letter got here but now i am desperate to hear more info realizing that i really dont know all that much about the program.
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    Yay! Congrats to you I was in disbelief as well I was actually at work and my mom told me my letter was at the house and to call her. She asked me if I was having a bad day and if I was sitting down. I almost lost it and she said you got in!!! I made her read the name just to make sure it was my letter and they didnt make a mistake because I heard how many applicants they had as well! I can't wait until we recieve our packets because I know that we have a lot to get done before school starts. If you have any questions I have a lot of friends that graduated from the program and might be able to help. I know there are a lot of people in the program on here that will probably answer our questions too!
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    I will be classmates with you guys as well. Got my acceptance letter yesterday. I was suprised as well because of all of the people that I heard applied.
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    To give you an idea of myself...I'm a 26 year old female. I graduated from allderdice high school in 2004. I started ccac in spring 2005 but I was just taking random classes and took semesters off here and there because I really just didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. I decided I want to become a nurse in 2010 and thats when I started really growing up and started my prereqs. This July will be my 5th year working for upmc. I have also worked as a nursing assistant in a nursing home.
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    If anyone has a facebook and wants to keep in touch message me it might be easier that way.
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    I just got my nursing packet in the mail, oh my, so much we have to do..ugh!
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    I know!!! It makes me nervous I sent out all my paperwork today so I hope that I get everything back on time!
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    Hello! My name is Rosie. I was accepted into the evening program at Allegheny campus. Looking forward to meeting you all and having an amazing journey together.
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    Hi Rosie...congrats!!! Can't wait to start!
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    Hello Classmates I was accepted into the evening program Allegheny Campus. Im really excited and anxious to begin our 2yr journey. Good Luck
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    Hey everyone 20 days left until orientation. I hope everyone enjoys their last days of summer fun! I'm excited
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    So excited! It is finally about here! Just realized that our nursing journey is fast approaching! I am getting married this coming Saturday so I have been all caught up with that and not thinking to much about school starting! Hoping to meet you all soon and having a good 2 years!

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