Anyone going to CCAC Allegheny fall '12 evening? - page 2

by kay0324 | 1,938 Views | 12 Comments

Hi I have just recieved my acceptance letter for Allegheny evening and I wanted to see if anyone else will be joining me. Just wanted to meet some students before school starts! :nurse:... Read More

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    Hello Classmates I was accepted into the evening program Allegheny Campus. Im really excited and anxious to begin our 2yr journey. Good Luck
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    Hey everyone 20 days left until orientation. I hope everyone enjoys their last days of summer fun! I'm excited
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    So excited! It is finally about here! Just realized that our nursing journey is fast approaching! I am getting married this coming Saturday so I have been all caught up with that and not thinking to much about school starting! Hoping to meet you all soon and having a good 2 years!

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