Anyone attending Mercy Hospital School of Nursing (Pittsburgh) in August 2011?

  1. Hello!

    I am going to be attending Mercy Hospital School of Nursing in the fall of 2011.
    I was hoping to meet some people before hand!
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  3. by   javapearl
    Me! Me! Me! (obviously excited to meet you, too!) I got my acceptance letter on Saturday! Can't wait! Nice to meet you! It will be nice to keep in touch the next few months, as I continue on with the admission process.
  4. by   aubie.mathews
    I know! when I got my letter I was so excited! haha I sent back the confirmation fee and papers we had to sign the same day! I can't wait to get more information!
  5. by   javapearl
    We can't be the only 2 students! I will tell you a little about myself.... I currently attend BC3, and as of this summer, all of my pre req's will be completed, except nutriton and bio-med-ethics. I quit my job last year to finish what I needed, and have been taking a what I like to call, a mid-life vacation of sorts... as I turned 40 in January. (will I be the oldest in the class?)

    I sent my fee and papers backs, too and I was going to call today to make sure they made it. Could you imagine loosing a seat, after all we have been through? I hope to get the additional information soon, as I am anxious to complete what is required.... and ready to do some shopping!

    Hopefully some other students join us! ... soon ?
  6. by   aubie.mathews
    maybe people just aren't searching for the post! haha

    but anywho! here's a little bit about me!
    I am currently at CCAC South Campus and I am finishing up some classes there. The only class that I don't have for mercy is biomedial ethics. at least it's towards the end of the program!

    I'm pretty anxious about them getting on confirmation stuff too! I'm ready for my lists of supplies!!
  7. by   javapearl
    Just an update... I called today to see if my confirmation made it, and she said it had. She also said that she mailed everyone's folder of information out as well, yesterday. I know it usually takes me 2 days to get mail from them, so I will look tomorrow and see! Can't wait to read everything! I wonder what color of scrubs we have to wear, and I am anxious to see our schedule, since we completed the pre req's. Could you even imagine how hard it would be to jump right in, without anything completed, first?

    Anyways, have fun looking through all your things... it will be like Christmas, a kid in a candy store... let's just hope it is all good things!

  8. by   javapearl
    Ok... got the "goods"! excited for the most part, and alot to do! One area of disappointment was that the only class I am exempt from is anatomy. She said I can CLEP the rest. What is that... how do I do that... and please don't tell me I took classes forever, for nothing! I will have to call and see, but for now, it is the weekend, and I am left wondering. With the completion of summer I will have anatomy 2, english 2, and microbiology done... but there is still psychology, sociology and human growth. I was suprised to see that there is no math requirement... thought that was a given in any profession? Anyways, if anyone knows the answer to this question, I would appreciate a reply... just curious!~
  9. by   aubie.mathews
    the same thing happened with me! my sciences didn't transfer! so I sent them an email asking exactly why it doesn't transfer and I plan on calling them Monday to talk to someone. I am so mad about that! whats the point of taking the classes before if they won't count for anything!! ugh! so frustrating! haha any how! we'll see what they say!
  10. by   javapearl
    I think because it has been so many years, for me atleast, since I had psych, HG, and sociology. I am talking by 8 years. I was disappointed, but then again I understand. At first, I was upset at myself for taking all the easy classes, first. But, now after hearing your story, I am thankful! Wouldn't want to take those science courses over again to save my life! There must be a window you have to fall into ... a time frame... guessing 2-3 years? I researched the CLEF... and you sign up for the exam at a specific college... study like crazy, and take the test. If you pass, then you don't have to retake the class. Each test cost $77. I need 3. Pysch is in the first semester, so I was maybe going to consider doing that, worth a try? Then I thought when I had a small break and time to study, I would squeeze in the next one... and so on.

    Are you even scared about all the vaccines? hahah. Remind me again why I was happy? Just a lot of figuring situations out... making appointments, etc. I am extremely organized, and can not wait to start crossing things off! .... Anyways, I do understand the complexity of the situation and I am more than pleased to be aboard!

    I have a few questions to clarify with them, as well... I bet they are going to swamped with phone calls. Let me know how you make out! Good-luck!
  11. by   aubie.mathews
    So i decided that I'm going to take A&P 1 and A&P 2 in the summer at CCAC and mercy said that as long as theyre done by the first day of school they'll transfer! so thank goodness for that!
    I have been flying through getting everything ready for orientation. I have almost all of my clearances ready to mail back to the school.
    I also have to renew my CPR certification so I have to find a class for that! hopefully that won't be hard to do!

    hope things are going well!
  12. by   javapearl
    OH my goodness you are taking both classes? Or are you going to try and CLEP them? I am organizing my things from orientation, too. I have my clearances filled out, just need money orders to send them in. I plan on getting fingerprinted on Friday. I called my American Red Cross and they were very helpful and gave me a web-address to click on to. I have a class scheduled for April 16th, and the class cost $80 and is 6 hours long. I felt it would be good to just get it done and out of the way. The web address is - click on the left hand side, something about training/classes/being prepared. Then you can type in your zipcode, and the time frame you are looking to take a class. It then gave me all of the classes, and locations within a 25 mile radius. I just looked for the one that said about healthcare professionals, and chose that. It seemed like they offered that class once a month. Maybe that web address will help you find a location, as well - if you are having trouble.

    I have to call CCAC to schedule a CLEP for psych, as it is the first one needed. I wanted to try and do it between then spring semester ending and summer classs starting, as to give me time to study etc. Then I thought I would do the other two. I just wonder if the CLEP exams are only offered on certain days, or if you can schedule them at your convenience?

    I am making a Dr's appt to have him review the vaccines and I am going to try and get most of that done before my appointment at Mercy for the rest... I am just hoping my insurance will cover most of it??? That adds up! (big time)

    It will be nice when all of the things are completed, there is so much to organize and do! - But we are well on our way!

    Take care... may some other students will join us soon?
  13. by   aubie.mathews
    haha yeah i'm taking both classes in the summer. 1st summer (May 16th to June 27) i'm taking anatomy 1 and then 2nd summer (June 29 to August 6) is anatomy 2! haha at least i'll know i can pass those (AGAIN).
    Luckily I found a CPR class thats being offered at Mercy its a four and a half our class so that's not too bad! plus it's during the week so i wont have to miss work on the weekends.
    Im so excited! i just want June and August to get here! haha
  14. by   javapearl
    3 words.... YOU POOR THING!!!!!! I can hardly believe you are going to do that and survive! You really sound like you have the momentum to do it... I'd be in a corner crying somewhere! hahaha Oh dear Lord! Bless your heart. I am in shock... :O I wish you well, and you are going to have to keep me posted! I will say a prayer! Glad you found a cpr class... and it is shorter than mine... lucky!