Anyone attending Mercy Hospital School of Nursing (Pittsburgh) in August 2011? - page 4

Hello! I am going to be attending Mercy Hospital School of Nursing in the fall of 2011. I was hoping to meet some people before hand!... Read More

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    I can figure out how to set up a facebook page! I'll let ya know when I do! haha yeah he will definitely be there to give us help when we need it! haha lucky him eh? I'm gonna go on facebook soon and see what I can figure out! talk to you soon!!

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    That's a great idea! I looked on facebook originally and there was a Class of 2012 group, so maybe we need a class of 2013 group!!
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    Okay! So I think I made it? haha i'm not sure! the newest version of facebook is so confusing! i hate it!

    But anywho! the name of the group is Mercy Hospital School of Nursing - Class of 2013
    The picture is a gold pin, i found on google! it was the only good picture i could find! haha
    So check it out and let me know if you find it!
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    I found it!! I requested to join!
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    okay!! awesome!!
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    Me too! Me too! Glad we will be able to put faces to our names! Glad you were able to create something!
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    at least with that we can update things all the time no problem!!
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    Aubie... I too sent a request, to join, but maybe I didn't do it right? I will go and double check after this.
    My real name is unusual, (for a girl) and most would probably think I am a boy.... which is what my parents wanted! I wanted to let you know, incase you thought someone was creeping around! My profile picture picture is of me and my fiance, so you could easily think HE is the one trying to be friends, based on MY name! haha I am probably confusing you... but anyway, I am going to request now.... thanks!
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    haha I'll take a look!! don't worry about it! my name is weird too! parents come up with the funnest names!!
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    okay! I got your request and I'll add you as soon as I get home! it won't let me do it over my phone (downfall to the iPhone!)

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