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Hello! I am going to be attending Mercy Hospital School of Nursing in the fall of 2011. I was hoping to meet some people before hand!... Read More

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    Just stopping over for a quick hello.... everyone must be busy! And~ There is nothing new to report! I got my FBI clearnace back, and in 2 weeks I will do the cpr class... so plugging away. It almost can not get here quick enough. I wondered if any of you have been to the school and knows their way around really good? I was just wondering for orientation, do we have to go through the maze of hallways like we did to take the PSB? Is there a short cut? Is there an official seperate entrance? a map? hahah. I am not so sure I remember how to navigate my way back through there!

    Hope everyone is doing well!

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    haha I was wondering the same thing!! I have no idea how I'm going to find it again! I take my CPR class at mercy on the 20th so I might be taking a walk around to see what I can find! I gotta figure out were we have to get our physicals done (is it in the hospital or a separate building?! haha they didn't give us very detailed information in our packets!)
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    Ohhhh yeah... the place for physicals, too! Glad I won't be the only lost one! Atleast we have sometime to figure it out and call. My physical day is the 18th I think. If I go first, I will be sure to leave directions! Have a great weekend!
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    I will have no idea where I am going either!! Haha. I go for my physical on the 16th so I will try to remember directions! I was only at Mercy for the PSB also and it is hard to remember the maze around the work going on!
    I could not find information about the CPR class at Mercy so I signed up else where, but just curious where you found out about the one at the school?
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    I have mine on the 9th so I'll let you guys know what I find!! I found the CPR class on mercy somewhere online it's through some association! haha is it august yet!
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    Haha. I know, I cant wait till august! I am ready to get started! I am excited for orientation too. It will be fun ordering the supplies and uniforms and hopefully getting a schedule!
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    I know! I can't wait to see what the uniforms look like! that'll be pretty exciting! hopefully the next couple months fly by!
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    It is funny how we are all "hurry up and get here".... hurry hurry.... and then come September, we will all be like... "what? Slow this train down!" hahah Well I hope not, but I have visions! Glad someone else is going to the test thing first. Because if it were me, you would all be lost anyway! I would be the one, saying, "Take 20 steps, turn left, or was it right?... you know... at that thing-a-ma-jig, go up 15 steps, then you turn yourself around .....ok everybody... lets do the hokie-pokie!" oh geez! Anyways... glad there is a guinea pig amoungst us!
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    haha yeah test rat! I'm just glad that people responded to this thread in the first place! at least now we can have a little study group started (my boyfriend is going to graduate from nursing school in June and that's the first thing he recommended was to find a study group!)
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    Aubie... I read another site where the group started their own facebook page, so the whole world didn't have to read everything. Is this somthing you know how to do, or would even be interested in doing? It may be a better place to be more private, and would be nice to share and do study material like you mentioned ? Then again, we all know how facebook is... so maybe not? I guess nothing is private anymore! Anyways, just sounded nice that they had their own page, just titled it something like UPMC Mercy 2013 or ???? I think you had to be requested to be able to be included and read the posts? Anyways, that sounds like a lot of work too! haha

    Congratulations on your boyfriend for graduating soon! He has got to have good advice and guidance for you. whatever he says, I am going to believe! (He was our guinea pig, and didn't know it!) hahha He could also be known as (aka) "Our Fearless Leader!" ha... OFL for short! Just having some fun... but if you say OFL says ___________ (blank)... I will sit up straight and listen! Have a nice day!

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