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Hello! I am going to be attending Mercy Hospital School of Nursing in the fall of 2011. I was hoping to meet some people before hand!... Read More

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    OH my goodness you are taking both classes? Or are you going to try and CLEP them? I am organizing my things from orientation, too. I have my clearances filled out, just need money orders to send them in. I plan on getting fingerprinted on Friday. I called my American Red Cross and they were very helpful and gave me a web-address to click on to. I have a class scheduled for April 16th, and the class cost $80 and is 6 hours long. I felt it would be good to just get it done and out of the way. The web address is - click on the left hand side, something about training/classes/being prepared. Then you can type in your zipcode, and the time frame you are looking to take a class. It then gave me all of the classes, and locations within a 25 mile radius. I just looked for the one that said about healthcare professionals, and chose that. It seemed like they offered that class once a month. Maybe that web address will help you find a location, as well - if you are having trouble.

    I have to call CCAC to schedule a CLEP for psych, as it is the first one needed. I wanted to try and do it between then spring semester ending and summer classs starting, as to give me time to study etc. Then I thought I would do the other two. I just wonder if the CLEP exams are only offered on certain days, or if you can schedule them at your convenience?

    I am making a Dr's appt to have him review the vaccines and I am going to try and get most of that done before my appointment at Mercy for the rest... I am just hoping my insurance will cover most of it??? That adds up! (big time)

    It will be nice when all of the things are completed, there is so much to organize and do! - But we are well on our way!

    Take care... may some other students will join us soon?

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    haha yeah i'm taking both classes in the summer. 1st summer (May 16th to June 27) i'm taking anatomy 1 and then 2nd summer (June 29 to August 6) is anatomy 2! haha at least i'll know i can pass those (AGAIN).
    Luckily I found a CPR class thats being offered at Mercy its a four and a half our class so that's not too bad! plus it's during the week so i wont have to miss work on the weekends.
    Im so excited! i just want June and August to get here! haha
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    3 words.... YOU POOR THING!!!!!! I can hardly believe you are going to do that and survive! You really sound like you have the momentum to do it... I'd be in a corner crying somewhere! hahaha Oh dear Lord! Bless your heart. I am in shock... :O I wish you well, and you are going to have to keep me posted! I will say a prayer! Glad you found a cpr class... and it is shorter than mine... lucky!
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    haha I'd rather get them out of the way in the summer so I can just focus primarily on the nursing ya know! haha trust me when I realized I had to take them again I did want to cry! and plus the way I look at it, it's cheaper to take it at CCAC instead of with Carlow! at least that way I have more money to put towards tuition!
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    I am starting in the Fall also! My fiance said the envelope of papers came today and I cant wait to go through everything tomorrow! I also transferred classes in and need to schedule a cpr class. So happy I found this thread. I look forward to keeping in touch!
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    haha congratulations to you too! so glad someone else has joined us! at least we can get to know each other before classes start!
    wait till you go through your papers! its so exciting! as soon as I got mine I ripped open the envelope to read all the information!
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    Haha, I will be ripping through stuff too! I made my fiance read some of the forms over the phone! I have been wondering how the tuition forgiveness program works.The form says it covers the second year for qualified students? I have my bachelors degree and know I wont get a lot of aid, so it would be helpful.
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    yeah I know whatcha mean. I think it's only for the people who want it? idk though I'm sure we'll find out more about it at orientation. I know having help paying for school would be a wonderful thing! I'm hoping they'll give us some information on scholarships too from different places. any little bit of money would help!
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    Hello and welcome to our newest friend! Hope you have fun with your packet of information! It makes it so official!
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    It does make it very official! I am so excited to start. I made a to-do list with deadlines on it to stay super organized! I have all of my clearances through work, so I just need to find out if I can use those (they are from the last month, so I dont see why not). I also scheduled my CPR course today, just checking things off! haha.

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