Ace, FACT or Penn: Which program grads are getting jobs?

  1. I've been accepted by ACE and I'm trying to decide if, in terms of hospital employment, it's worth it to apply to FACT or UPenn. FACT was my first choice (only because Penn is so expensive and I doubt I'll receive financial aid) until I recently spoke to a former manager of mine. She's a retired nurse volunteering at a clinic in Trenton. Recently she started working with a FACT grad who, one year out, still hasn't found a good job (I know that's relative concept, but we've all heard the nursing job market in Philly is pretty bad). Given the tight market, this could be the case for all new BSNs in the Philly area, but I'm wondering if anyone knows whether or not any of these programs offer an advantage over the other in terms of getting jobs.
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  3. by   Phillies331
    I would love to know if you ever learned anything more about this. I'm starting to look at programs and this is a big question of mine!
  4. by   Afbrennan
    I just finished the ACE program in September and I highly recommend going to Drexel. Drexel has a great reputation with Philadelphia hospitals. Throughout the program you have the opportunity to have Clinicals at some amazing hospitals who will hire you when you graduate. I was hired 3 weeks after graduation and many of my classmates have also gotten jobs in Philly hospitals based off their clinical locations. I also know people who went to Jeffersons program who are 6 months out and can't even get an interview. Jefferson hospital is on a hiring freeze. Hope this helps a bit.
  5. by   sinbadx81
    Admissions at Jeff claim a 100% job placement rate after five months for their more recent cohort. Not sure if they're spinning that somehow but that's what they are saying.

    For anyone else looking at Villanova, they also claim near 100% placement. They would be at 100 if not for some individuals who they claim are picky in their job choices.