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Hi all, Wondering if there are any applicants to Abington Memorial Hospitals Dixon School of Nursing for the 2011 year? I originally applied for 2010 early decision, but ultimately was... Read More

  1. by   Misskss
    Thanks...can't wait to meet everyone. I completed my fafsa but unsure of my next step because I didn't receive anything yet telling my about orientation or anything like that.
  2. by   jantunes7905
    We're supposed to be getting information packets soon. We'll know what to do soon enough!
  3. by   Tneo8385
    yea i wish they would hurry up, some of us like to plan ahead and have things done early.
  4. by   RNCEN
    You will have plenty of time, and there will be plenty to do! Relax now while you can.
  5. by   Misskss
    Have anyone else who have been placed on the waiting list been accepted? and if so when did you hear back? i'm asking because my sister was waitlisted also and she was just wondering if they were still calling people from the waitlist
  6. by   jantunes7905
    I was on the e/w waitlist but switched to the day waitlist. They called me at the end of March to tell me I was accepted from the waitlist. I am not sure if they are just doing the day spots first or the night.
  7. by   hspot
    I am on the waitlist for the evening program and have not heard anything as of yet.
  8. by   Jayden8139
    I am also on the waitlist and haven't heard anything. I have heard that typically they only pull a few people from the wait list as some students decline the offer. I would think that with the end of the semester nearing and as they review final transcripts some people may not be quite ready so don't give up yet Misskss!
  9. by   Vanessa512
    Yes I am still currently on the waitlist. I'm on both of the waitlists and Im hoping to gear somthing back. Good luck to everyone ! I hope everyone gets in! Keep me posted please!!
  10. by   Rinep
    Hello Recently needed to drop out of Dixon School of Nursing. I have all the required books/ blue bag/ scrubs. I am hoping to sell them. If you are interested tell me what you need and I will reply. Thanks R.S. I live near the school so easy transaction/
  11. by   Vanessa512
    I will gladly buy those books off of you. Message me on Facebook Vanessa Santos. Or I can message you.
  12. by   Rinep
    Great....Are you on reg facebook or the nursing page's facebook?I found alot of people with your same name. E-mail is good too or if you are local. Thanks Rose
  13. by   Vanessa512
    I don't know why I didn't think of e-mail. Lol it's nessa_Marie_Santos@yahoo.com. I am also on the Facebook they made up for Dixon. Whatever is easier for you.