2012 CCP Nursing program

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    Just wondering if anyone has received their acceptance letters for the fall 2012 program yet and if so how many points did you have?

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    The last Allied Health Test is not until March 3rd, so I was told we wouldn't hear until after that. The college is on spring break the week of March 5th. I'm not expecting a response until the week of the 12th. In older threads people heard earlier, but I think the last test was earlier in previous years. I'm getting impatient, too! I had 8 points.
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    Hmmmm. My sister goes there and she got her acceptance letter on feb 5, 2010. I know that nothing about the process/requirements has changed since she applied so I'm hoping to get a letter sooner than March. Well, I guess we will find out soon enough. I had an 8 too.
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    I hope we hear before then, too. When I got my AHT results I asked when letters would go out. They said they can't make any admission decisions until everyone had taken the test, and then she showed me the paper where it says the last test is 3/3. Perhaps they admit people who have a lot of points before then, or maybe it's later this year because they have more applicants or something, I'm not sure. Either way, both of us should be fine with 8 points. I hope your sister likes the program.
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    ohhhh that makes a lot of sense about more applicants = more processing time = later admission letters. I read on another discussion on here that when your accepted they change your curriculum to Nursing and then you get the letter a few days later. I wonder if thats true? It doesn't really make sense because you have to send a $50 deposit to hold your seat/confirm acceptance, so why would they change someones curriculum before they even know if they definitely accept? My sister likes the program, especially the cost of tutition lol.
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    I'm also eargerly awaitiing for letters to go out.. like you shahoo05 I read on previous posts lettere went out in February but I was told by the counselor not until March. Sadly my score is only a 7 so I am one of the ones in limbo. I'm hoping a few up those accepted also applied to other programs and decide to opt out of CCP's program giving more 7's a chance to get in..hehe Lets all keep eachother updated on letter status.
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    That's a good idea...Ill definitely update this discussion as soon as I receive a letter. I'll also update if I find out any information regarding when to expect the letters from a RELIABLE source (reliable like a counselor or someone that is directly involved in the decision making process.)
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    I meant to write any new information regarding the letters. I didn't want you guys to think I meant your info wasn't reliable. LOL
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    I just checked my curriculum on my enrollment profile and it's been changed to Nursing! I haven't received a letter in the mail yet though. I'll keep you updated.
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    Omg no way.. congrats!! does it say pending? I just checked and mine is still listed as CST as of summer 2011 i'm gonna be checking everyday now..lol
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