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Hi, Just wondering if anyone has received their acceptance letters for the fall 2012 program yet and if so how many points did you have?... Read More

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    Well if its during April between monday-friday it would have to be after 6, weekends anytime. March is pretty flexible. I live in Manayunk.

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    OK I will see what she has available.
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    Congrats cupidsqueen! I obviously have not visited the forum in a while. I also have not received anything since the acceptance letter, but I know they cashed the check. I wouldn't worry. Are we required to take CPR before school starts? I have the same availablility as annam and also live in NE Philli.
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    Shahoo, Thanks!

    Yes we need to have the HCP CPR certification, criminal background check, child abuse clearance, drug screening, health insurance check etc.. all done prior to starting the program. I'll email my friend to see if she can do a saturday for us. I'll keep you guys posted.
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    Hey ladies. I spoke to my friend Mary and she said she can do April 1st. its a sunday. She can come to my house and do the class there for us. It is $70 and that gives you a 2yr certification. I live in northeast philly near Northeast High School. Hopefully this works for both of you. If not please let me know so that I can tell her. She lives in Coatesvilles,PA so she is willing to travel the hour to come to us for our convenience. Can you guys give me your email addresses and I will get you my address and everything. Thanks!
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    I asked her for 12pm on Sunday April 1st. Please confirm with me that this works. Thanks!
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    Hi, that day works for me. My email is lnorris9@ccp.edu.
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    Congrats, everyone! I am also starting CCP's Nursing program this fall. I'm interested in doing the CPR cert with you guys on 4/1; I just have to double check my schedule that I can make it. My email is mfriede1@ccp.edu. Thanks!
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    I can make it on 4/1 and I PM'd you my info. Thanks for doing this!
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    Is there anybody out there still waiting for a letter? Took the AHT on February 14. I have 8 points, and still nothing, but I know they've sent acceptance letters to people with 7? I'm starting to get really nervous.

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