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Hi, Just wondering if anyone has received their acceptance letters for the fall 2012 program yet and if so how many points did you have?... Read More

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    Quote from bcolli11
    How much did you end up paying for all of the required books ? I was thinking about getting mines today so I can get started on some of the readings !
    Around $450.

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    I paid roughly $450 as well. Amazon has free shipping on school textbooks and usually they ship in a few days. I did the same as you Shahoo05.. bought one or two at a time.
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    I bought mine all new because I thought we may need the codes and we actually don't need them. I also heard that main campus does not have any books used so if you can get them used through Amazon and save yourself a few dollars I would suggest it. Also I was told we are using these same books for the entire duration of our Nursing school experience so you won't be buying any additional books for nursing after this so do not rent them!
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    Have any of you started the reading yet? It looks like the list they originally put up on the group site changed and all the readings from the Potter and Perry text were removed for the first week. On one hand I'm not complaining, because that's a huge chunk of reading that's been eliminated and the page numbers weren't lining up with the assigned chapters. On the other hand I don't want to not do it and be under-prepared come that first Thursday.

    I'm going to try and e-mail someone at the school tomorrow, but maybe one of you know what the deal is.
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    I just got on this site to ask if anyone else noticed the page numbers were off. Was worried I had the wrong edition.

    I spent the past few days reading Potter/Perry! They totally removed all the readings I just did.
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    WTH is wrong with them. Thankfully I read the nursing assessment book first and was going to read the potter and perry today. But why do they do this to us? Why give us the reading early and then change it. Gotta love CCP. I highly doubt the readings have been totally removed. They are probably going to submit another copy with the correct page numbers the day class starts and then no one would of had the chance to get ahead start...lol
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    Yeah, it's no big deal I guess. Will have to read it eventually anyway. You're right that they may be correcting the page numbers. Some of the publication dates on the book list are off, too.

    Thanks for seeing it! Otherwise I would have kept reading.
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    I know we'll have to do the reading eventually, so when it gets done isn't really my issue. I'm just more concerned with the fact that they didn't make an announcement or note that they amended the reading list. Oh well.

    On a side note, I ended up getting the study guides that came with the Weber and Potter & Perry textbooks. I've found they're a big help when it comes to deciding what to highlight and pull out of the reading for notes. I'm not suggesting everyone rush out and get them, but if anyone is interested maybe I can make some copies or scan the pages before I write on them if you guys are interested. I've found one for the pharmacology text that I might try and order too, but might hold off until after classes start.
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    That was a good idea Rockbeatsscissors. I feel the same way as you regarding why they never let us know they made changes. Some people never even got the email regarding the textbook list or the one about clinical times and in class clinicals. I'm not sure how some got it and others didn't but I guess thats what you can expect from CCP..I guess we need to take it upon ourselves and triple check everything. On a side note if we do not get additional reading i'm pretty excited about that. The reading in Webber for week 2 is approx 300 pages. I'm curious how they are planning out our lectures,labs, etc. with all that reading as well as homework, studying, etc. I feel bad for those people who have a full schedule of classes and not just nursing and/or one other course. Its going to be rough just getting through the material for this class, I can't imagine having 3 other classes to deal with as well.

    Also what are your guys schedules like for class and who are your teachers? I was thinking if we are in the same classes we could maybe get a study group going.
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    my schedule is as follows:

    Lecture: M 8-10:10 and T 8-9 with Lisa Johnson

    Lab: M 10:20-12:20 with Lisa Johnson

    Seminar: T 9:35-10:35 with Jean Byrd

    Clinical TR with Patricia Rexer

    Does anyone know how lecture works? There are a lot of different sections/teachers but only two different rooms. Are we being split into two groups and then the teachers take turns? lol.

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