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Hi, Just wondering if anyone has received their acceptance letters for the fall 2012 program yet and if so how many points did you have?... Read More

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    I'm pretty sure you can take the written exam online but you would still have to go somewhere for the hands on portion. Thats what the woman who I got my certification through told me. The course is around $70 so I don't know how they could charge $30 for the entire thing. Its probably just for the written exam portion. Its specifically says on that site "Skills are then evaluated in person by a registered ProTrainings Skill Evaluator or certified CPR Instructor." So you would get your card in the mail but it would not be authorized by an instructor until you do the hands on portion of the class.. if you then search through the site for an authorized trainer. its another $30-40 for them to evaluate your skills. So really its the same thing. Either go take the whole class in person or take the written portion online and go do the hands on portion at a facility.

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    In case you didn't see, the readings for the first five weeks were posted to the Groups site this week.
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    Thanks girl.. i didn't even check it.
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    Well it looks like we are going to be doing nothing but reading..lol
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    Quote from cupidsqueen420
    Well it looks like we are going to be doing nothing but reading..lol
    Omg I was just thinking the same thing. lol. I cant believe school is two weeks away already. Is anyone else as stressed as I am???
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    I am!!!! hehe. I'm freaking out. Thankfully the first 6 weeks we don't have clinicals. I don't know how I would get all this reading done and go to class just for nursing 4 days a week right off the bat. I'm finishing up my summer course this coming week so with the week and a half off I'm going to start doing my reading. OH BTW ANYONE ELSE THING THE SIZE OF A FEW OF THESE DAMN BOOKS IS INSANE?!? Between the four required my bag is going to weight a good 15-20lbs..lol
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    I'm excited. I'm looking forward to Summer II finals being over so I can start reading. It looks so interesting! I wonder when we'll get our clinical assignments. Also, does anyone know what the difference is between seminar, lecture and lab? They had us register for them and never mentioned what they are, or which books are for what.
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    hmmm i've wondered that too. i think the lecture we go over the material and then lab we practice what we've learned, but seminar? seems like an extra lecture. lol.

    does anyone know what color our stethoscopes have to be? do they have to match our uniform or can they be any color? i kind of want a pink one. lol.
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    I got a pink/"raspberry" colored one. I'm assuming they can be any color you want them to be since they're going to be yours for however long and getting one that you know you can ID is a plus. Can you imagine if we all had identical stethoscopes?
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    They never stated that we need specific colors so I got one that is black and one that is pink as well. I was thinking the same thing regarding seminar. I have no clue what thats supposed to be able. I hope all the different parts of the course work with eachother. For example if we have 6 chapters to read in various books for the lecture portion of class, that we aren't going to get additional reading in seminar. I hope that the reading is for all three portions and that we just elaborate on it in the various classes for better understanding.

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