tricks for entertaining kids?

  1. I work in an ambulatory care setting where we see a lot of pediatric patients. I like taking care of kids, but I never felt that I was born to be a pediatric nurse - far from it! I don't have kids of my own, never did much babysitting, etc. I know, I know, it's a huge gap in my life, but I'm trying to make up for it now - better late than never, right?!

    Anyway, what are some of your best tips for distracting kids when you're doing something they don't like, your best one-liners, etc.? Suggestions for all ages/developmental levels would be most welcome!
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  3. by   Southern Magnolia
    I'm not a nurse (yet) but I have two children (3&5). My advice is if mom and dad are around ask what the child likes when you first get in the room. One of my boys LOVES anything to do with sports. The other one LOVES to draw and will talk about pictures on the wall or anything visual. Every kid is different just like adults.

    My 5 year old recently went into the ER b/c he had a 104 temp but NO other symptoms besides neck pain. Pediatrician feared meningitis so off to the ER we went. When the nurse came in she talked to us a minute and then asked my husband what my son likes. My husband said football so the nurse talked to my son about football the entire time she was doing the IV. He didn't sqirm or cry at all. Thankfully, we opted not to do a spinal tap because he broke out in a rash the next morning - scarlet fever/ strep throat.