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Question relates to Pediatric Office setting but there is more traffic on this forum. We use a device called a "shot-blocker" when administering immunizations to toddlers and up. Our supplier no longer has them. I have done... Read More

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    You can get them on ebay sometimes.

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    We call them J tips, and they have lidocaine in them, and are shot into the skin by compressed air. The sound scares some kids but the device works somewhat. We also use eEMLA lidocaine cream but that takes one hour to work.
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    what about spray or the buzzy or you could use both. I wish the practice im at used something.
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    At our hospital we use these: http://www.makeuwell.com.au/buzzy-4-shots/

    t says for children 4+, however we use it on our toddlers.

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