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young children are supposed to be in car seats placed in the back seat of a car children under 12 yrs are not to sit in the front seat if there are passenger-side air bags. If the car does not... Read More

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    Quote from Kidrn911
    Can I ask where the conversion is? I only saw it for carseats, not for an adolescent
    CHild passenger safety laws per state:

    Occupant Protection Guidelines:

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    Quote from kidrn911
    can i ask where the conversion is? i only saw it for carseats, not for an adolescent
    here is the contact info for the acp:

    mailing addresses
    the headquarters of the american academy of pediatrics is based in elk grove village, illinois, a northwest suburb of chicago. click here for driving directions. the department of federal affairs is based in washington, dc. both academy mailing addresses are as follows: national headquarters:
    the american academy of pediatrics
    141 northwest point boulevard
    elk grove village, il 60007-1098
    847/434-8000 (fax)

    washington, dc office:
    the american academy of pediatrics
    department of federal affairs
    601 13th street, nw
    suite 400 north
    washington, dc 20005 usa
    202/393-6137 (fax)
    if you are looking for aap policy statements, please go to the aap policy web site.
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    I'm a peds nurse and CPST so I can't resist adding a few things.

    Height and Weight are good indicators for older kids but age is important in younger kids as the spinalcolumn matures.

    Yes, some laws state that 20 lbs is the only minimum to forward face an infant. Very scary. Others state 20 lbs and 1 year. Minimum. Ideally it is best to RF a baby/toddler as long as the weight limits of the seat allow. My 15 mos old is 23 lbs and RF. Will be until 32 lbs. In Sweden, they have seats that accommodate RF 5 year olds. Way safer as the cartilage in the spinal column of this age group is more elastic than the spinal column. The AAP and CHOP's carseat researchers support extended RF but many peds and even CPSTs are behind on this.

    My state law wants kids under 8 in seats/boosters. There is also a 4'9" campaign. Ideally a kid should pass the 5 step test before abandoning the seat or booster. All points are based on size.

    Maturity is a big factor- some toddlers weigh enough and are tall enough for a booster. (It's common for carseats to only harness to 40 lbs and be outgrown by height before then) but a booster will not work effectively if the child is not mature enough to follow directions and sit quietly and correctly in the seat. Most children under 4 are NOT ready for boosters.

    Here's a chart on fatality statistics for Sweden (RF until about 5) vs Britain (RF at about 9 mos)

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