Peds IMU Interview!

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    Hello all! I am currently a RN and graduated last year in May. Started working last July in an adult acute rehab floor. A week ago, I applied to a peds imu position within the same system but at the childrens hospital. They called me yesterday to interview on monday with the nurse manager and the director. I am sooo excited but very nervous!!! I know that peds is where I want to be and I am really praying I land this job. Considering I have no experience in peds and was able to get an interview gives me hope .

    Any peds IMU nurses out there with any tips? What exactly is it like on an imu floor? Did any of you start with adults and then went into peds? Any advice is appreciated!


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    Congrats and good luck on your interview!!
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    Thanks! I think it went well...I was told ill be floating to the picu!! So exciting...
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    Quote from fashionistaRN
    Congrats and good luck on your interview!!

    I got the job:heartbeat!!!! I am so-o excited.

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