Pediatric Kardexs/"Brain Sheets"??

  1. Hello All,

    I'm a nursing student that has spent my entire time working with the geriatric/adult population and am currently transitioning into my peds rotation tomorrow. I have no idea what a pediatric brain sheet should look like and what unique items/prompts I should add to help me organize my time. If anyone would like to share their peds brain sheet with me, I would greatly appreciate it :spin:

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  3. by   nocangel2
    It won't look that much different from your current orgainzing sheet. However you will need more room for the social aspect. Parents/family situation end up being a bit part of your care plan. DX, Meds (can they take pills?), Allergy, age, etc. all that will be the same. But the age will determine your approach to your patient. Ask what their comfort items are or routines that help them accept care. Good luck!
  4. by   EmilyUSFRN
    i've used my brain sheet for about a year. not foolproof but definitely works for me-- on the right side of the page are spaces for each hour of the shift, what needs to be done when... and on the right i have 5 big boxes (normal patient load) with room for name, age, room, dx, doc/team, IV site/fluids and misc info and to the left of that on each kid i write the WEIGHT as everything in peds is based on weight.
    i carry that around in my pocket with me so i can whip it out when a parent asks when the next med is due or the POC for the night, and also... our IV pumps ask for pt weight as a safety mechanism so that is valuable to have on hand instead of leaving my pt w a beeping pump i just turned on...
    anyway, good luck in peds!!
  5. by   AngelNurse2b
    Thank you EmilyUSFRN and nocangel2!