NYP Pediatric Pharmacology exam

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    Has anyone taken the NYP-Columbia Pediatric Pharm exam. I was offered a position, but if I don't pass the peds pharm test, then I loose the position. Does anyone have a study guide they could send me. I read on old threads, that some people had a study guide. I have the Prentice hall pharm book they recommended, but its soo much information. I have to take the test next week. Can anyone help me? If a study guide is available, email to chbabynurse@aol.com. Thanks.
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    Just to note - NYP has moved to a different test provider for their pharmacology exams. They are no longer using the NLN exams, and instead are using tests administered through RN.com. (This is true for the Columbia campus - not sure about the others). I was hired last month to work at CHONY, and I took the pediatric pharmacology exam yesterday (Nov 11th). I received a study guide with general instructions and specific points to study from my recruiter. (You should receive this at the point that you get a written job offer - if you don't get a study guide just ask!). The study guide basically lists out the medications that will be tested - there were no surprises on my exam and I passed with 100% easily. For example - the study guide lists "cardiac medications" specifically "digoxin", "especially lab values to monitor and signs of toxicity". The only cardiac med tested was digoxin, and the questions asked for symptoms of toxicity. There are also dosage questions, but they were very general and some even gave the formulas needed in the question (for example, calculating 24 hr maintenance IV fluid requirements). I didn't find any practice exams online, but the study guide will really help you focus your preparation. I didn't use any books - just looked up each med in a formulary. Good luck everyone!
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    Hi question about the pediatric pharmacology exam, how long did you study for?