New job in peds clinic!! What to expect?

  1. Hey there all! I just recently received a job offer at a Peds outpatient clinic affiliated with a major children's hospital I'm soooo excited and nervous!!! I am a relatively new nurse and have been doing case management for the past 6 months, so I havnt done any hands on nursing stuff for awhile! I wanted to know if anyone here has ever worked in a peds clinic? what is an RN's role at a peds clinic? what are some of the things I can better prepare myself for the position? Any tips on ivs and blood draws on children? Thanks for all your help!!
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  3. by   ocean waves
    Hi! I enjoyed working at a pediatric clinic for several years. Some of the common daily tasks included: triage of patients (care for most ill first such as asthma attack, high fever, possible broken bone); immunizations; throat cultures; writing health histories; and teaching well baby classes. Tip---be SURE there is an emergency bag or emergency cart with most urgent supplies available! Hope you enjoy your job!
  4. by   PediMommy
    I have worked in a pediatric clinics for over 7 years. All 3 clinics we're very similar. You have a daily schedule with a mixture of well child exams and ill visits. You may see anything from cough & cold to a child having a seizure. It's a very fast paced enviornment, non-stop all day! Be ready to run :-) Main thing I would study is vaccinations. There are so many and there are a lot of different combo vaccines. I think this is probably the most important thing to learn & it takes awhile. You can find the schedule here http://aapredbook.aappublications.or...dule0-6yrs.pdf There is usually a triage nurse taking calls which you may have to do at times. Triage can be overwhelming at first but as your skills and knowledge progress you confidence will too! Good luck!
  5. by   sweelin87
    Hi guys, I just recently received a job offer at a pediatric clinic...I'm so nervous and excited too...this is my first nursing job...and i just graduated this summer... You mention about vaccination...and i know that we need to do strep test, pin worm...etc)...Is there anything that I need to study in order to prepare for this job? Please give me some advice ...and good luck to you guys too !!!
  6. by   pedsnurse112
    I'm looking to get a job in a pediatric clinic... Any advice on how/when to apply? And what are pediatric clinic nurses being paid compared to hospital nurses? Thanks!