New-grad RN lands pediatric rehab position, has questions

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    I graduated in late June, 2011, with an ADN, passed my boards in August, and last week accepted a position at Children's Hosp. in the inpatient rehab unit! I'm feeling pretty fortunate and very thrilled with the opportunity at-hand, but I have some questions for those nurses who've worked in pediatric rehab.

    First, what general/specific qualities or characteristics make a great ped's rehab nurse?

    Second, any advice on what I should be thinking about over the next two weeks before I start?

    Third, any direct advice on how best acclimate into the unit? Obviously, I would be myself, but do those with experience recommend staying under the radar, leaving personal outside-of-work details undisclosed?

    I know these are vague questions, I'm just trying to start a dialogue - any advice is appreciated. I wonder generally how accepting women are toward new-hire graduate men starting on their unit. Please share your opinions.

    Thanks, Brad
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