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  1. Hi, I am a new nurse that has a second interview coming up at a local pediatric clinic. The interview will be with the hiring manager, another LPN, and a MA. They will ask me scenario type questions and what I would do. The hiring manager gave me examples of dealing with difficult parents and children and how to prioritize when you have 5 things coming your way. I know that as a LPN there I would do a lot of phone triaging too. I don't have any experience in clinics. the only experience I have is as a CNA on a MED/SURG floor at a hospital. Any advice I could get would be great, I am really nervous and really want the job.

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    I was an MA in a Pediatric office for 10 years. Parents and kids can be difficult. With parents it's usually insurance issues or that they think their baby is getting too many vaccines at once. EDUCATING is the answer to difficult parents. Usually they simply are unaware of procedures and/or insurance policies and this leads to conflict. With difficult big kids you cannot give in to their drama. Keep cool and get done what you need to get done. Always speak to them in a calm voice and never let them see you sweat! Prioritization is what it always is...a kid in the waiting room who is in obvious distress should be roomed immediately and doc notified of the situation...all other patients or issues can wait at that point. But in a normal situation, go with the flow of the office and always be aware of how long families have been waiting. Good Luck!
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