How do I get a job in a doctor's office? How do I get a job in a doctor's office? | allnurses

How do I get a job in a doctor's office?

  1. 0 It may sound like a dumb question, but do I just call doctor's offices and ask? Go to them and give them my resume? Do I have to already have connections to obtain such a job? I have applied for pediatric doctor's office jobs that I found posted online, but those are FAR and FEW between! I REALLY want to work in one with all of my heart... I'm not cut out for hospital work (mind numbing anxiety) and really feel this is the only place I would thrive.
    So, any advice is welcome! Thank you.
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    You could send your resume via fax (if you have their number) with a note saying something along the lines of "For consideration for RN position" ? I wish I had better advice, I just got an office job through connections and have no idea how I would have gotten it otherwise. Good luck.
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    I find that you don't need to have as many connections for office jobs than you do for hospital jobs (hospital jobs connections seem to be everything these days). You can do any of those things you mentioned though--go visit and drop off your resume, call and see if they're hiring, look on their websites (a lot list on their personal websites, but don't necessarily list on the big job search engines...probably because they're smaller facilities and don't want to be bombarded). Good luck!
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    Thank you both very much, I will try those things! Going to keep trying, just praying it's where I should finally be... sick of job hopping to find my niche!
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    I, too, am curious about this. I feel much like the OP.
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    I don't know if this will be of any help to you, but the doc who I work for told me that he used to post job listings on Craigslist. It might be worth checking out.
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    I have seen some postings on CL lately & I've applied. Thank you, very helpful. <3
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    I got my job in a peds office by just walking in with my resume and giving it to them. They happened to be hiring at the time. It was NOT for me, but it seemed pretty easy to get the job.
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    What did you dislike about it, W, RN?
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    I would imagine it's hard to find job postings because, since it's not as physically demanding as hospital work, people tend to stay in those positions until older ages. However it can never hurt to walk in with your resume and ask to speak to the person in charge of hiring. You can also call and ask if they are hiring RN's, but walking in is probably better.

    I like my hospital job too much to consider leaving right now. But in 5 or 6 years, once my kids start school, I'll definitely be considering a doctor's office or outpatient job so my hours can be more compatible with school hours.

    OP, have you considered outpatient clinics as well? Most major hospitals, especially children's hospitals have several outpatient clinics that my be more accessible than a doctor's office. My current hospital has outpatient clinics for: Allergies and Immunology, Pediatric sedation, Cardiology, GI, ENT, Endocrinology, Hemophilia, Sickle Cell, Pulmonology, Neurology and an oncology center for kids to get chemo on an outpatient basis.
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    I've worked in Pedi offices for 9 years, hope my insight helps. Find pedi clinics where you want to work (phone book, google, etc) take your resume and ask to speak with the office manager. My last clinic (i was a clinical manager) we use to receive resumes via fax daily & they usually hit the trash can. When you present your resume in person it show initative & puts a face with the resume. Dress professionally (I've had people come to interviews in jeans).
    I would suggest finding larger clinics/companies who have pediatric departments or large group practices. Children's hospital's typically have speciality clinics they associate with. Also, check out the clinic/office website sometimes they have openings but are not advertising. Look on your local medical society websites sometimes they have links to job openings.
    The jobs are out there but you really really have to look. Also, your first pedi/clinic job might not give you the best $ but once you have the experience you can pretty much demand anything!
    Also, know the vaccine schedule & combo vaccines. Very improtant if your working with a primary care office.

    What city/state are you in?

    Best of Luck!!!
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    @Pedimommy When I go into an interview I always wear a suit, but what would you suggest as appropriate attire for dropping off resumes?
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