Going from peds periop to the floor?

  1. Hello! I'll be graduating with my BSN this Friday. I'm in LOVE with pediatric nursing. My immersion was in a rehab unit and I've been volunteering in hemoc. My dream is to work in peds hemoc, but I was just offered a position in peds periop and I think it would be foolish to turn it down. Plus, I think periop is very fascinating too! I'd be working in the OR for at least two years under contract. I'm not sure what my feelings well be after those two years, but would it be difficult to transfer to the floor from the OR if that's what I wanted to do? Would it be possible to work PRN shifts on the floor during my time in the OR, would that be a good idea if I wanted to go to the floor?
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  3. by   Dela RN
    I did it the other way around... So I was on the floor in pediatrics and just recently transferred into a peds periop. Even with my experience on the floor, I still found it hard to pick up PRN shifts because the periop program was so time consuming. Working M-F in the OR did not put me in the mood to pick up extra shifts. Also another thing to consider is the orientation period for pediatric floor nursing if you were to get a position. I'm not sure if you would be able to fit that all in with the periop commitment. Is it 2 year full time?

    2 years is a long time so things might change with you. Would it be hard for you to transition from the OR to the floor after 2 years? Probably but it would be the same the other way around. I think transitioning is always hard and probably even harder as a new grad.