3 yo Sleep apnea; T & A

  1. Just curious... my 3yo was having sleep apnea d/t enlarged tonsils so she had the T&A 12 days ago.

    Those of you who had children like this, did they have low O2 sats post op? Also, prior to surgery and even still she complains alot of always being cold, no matter how much clothing we have on her! Does your child c/o of being cold all the time?

    Im just wondering about the long term effects of sleep apnea and how long until that will resolve itself.

    She still c/o's of her throat hurting and she required the Lortab the full 10 days because anytime I tried to give Tylenol day 3-6 she would be crying an hour later for 2 hours straight and not take anything in! So for the last 2 days Ive been giving the Tylenol just once in the am and once pm and she seems better. But now shes constipated! so now its that we are working on.

    Just curious about the 'cold' thing and low O2 sats post op... BTW, when they would drop 83-86% she was still having the apnea but although she would pick back up, her RR never compensated for the low O2. She was breathing her regular, comfortable-looking rate! So does that mean she has probably been having low sats at home for a while and her body was used to it?
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