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Help! I'd never heard of a Nurse Tech until recently. How do their responsibilities compare to a CNA? or PCA?... Read More

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    Where I'm at there are various types of tech positions and they may allow you to do more or less than CNAs depending on the facility and the position itself. Some hospitals use techs in the ER to do things like transport, starting IV lines, phlebotomy, assisting during codes, and doing ECGs even putting on casts etc. I've seen CNAs on the upper floors, but never in the ER, but it could just be those facilities. They do a lot of ADLs, vitals, I&O and also assist during codes.
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    At my hospital, all CNAs are called "nurse techs." We cannot draw blood or do EKGs, etc. unless our specific department has trained us to do so. I guess it varies everywhere.
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    Thanks for the insights--
    After talking with a 30+ year experienced RN today, I wonder if working as a PCT is worth it. She says PCTs are often overworked and the experience they gain in clinicals is adequate. However, if the student nurse PCTs are funneled through as potential hires for the hospital as RNs, I would think their experience would be closely attended to.

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