question about PCT vs MA

  1. Are they the same? PCT and a medical assistant? i live in PA and i dont see many jobs for PCT but loads for MA
    any info would be great thanks
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  3. by   palemoon
    No, MAs are not the same thing as PCTs. I am an MA student, and MAs are trained to work in outpatient settings, i.e. doctor's offices. They get more training in medical office procedures, and do some clinical work like phlebotomy and vital signs. They take an exam and must be registered either through the AAMA (American Association of Medical Assistants) or the AMT (American Medical Technologists).

    PCTs, on the other hand, are usually employed in inpatient settings like hospitals, rehab centers, etc. They are trained in basic nursing care like bed baths and the like, as well as stuff like phlebotomy and blood sugars. They take the Certified Nurse Assistant exam.

    So basically, it's about where you want to end up. You can potentially become an MA and be employed as a PCT, but you may have to fight for it.

    One last tip though: If you want to become an MA, be sure your school is accredited and not a diploma mill. Schools like Sanford Brown and so on are good to avoid.

    Good luck in your education and job search
  4. by   rayne215
    Thanks for the through reply. Good info.. Would you think overall MA's make more? (PCT has no salary info on salary .com and sites like it) i know it would be a guess. I actually dont want to do much clerical work. thats why i asked about PCT but i would like the overall better career,