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Patient Care Tech/CNA-same thing? - page 2

Ok so I am in the process of getting my CNA license and after I get certified I was wanting to transfer to a hospital and work as a patient care tech. I have been told that a patient care tech and a... Read More

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    In new posting comments but lont time reader of this site. I would like to post a question regarding PCT. Im currently taking nursing prereqs at Hunter CUNY. Somebody adviced me to get certified as PCT and try to gain emploment as such,as a way to increase my chances of eventually getting hired as a RN after getting my BSN. Can i increase my chances doing this.?
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    So Down here in New Mexico I only see CNA's. I just recently received my Patient Care Technician certificate. There isn't any job-listings down here for a PCT, so should I just apply for the CNA positions? I'm just wondering if anybody know's exactly what positions I can legally apply for.