just got hired at MGH as a PCA in PACU

  1. Hi, i just got my offer today to accept my position as a per diem pca in the preop recovery area. i am so excited. is there anyone else who works as a pca in preop/pacu? i have been volunteering there for a year so the nurses know me pretty well. i definitely believe its a good idea to get your foot in the door by volunteering... esp at a hospital you are hoping to work at later on in life when u finish nursing school. For anyone out there who works in this area, what duties do you do on a daily basis? do u ever float into the OR? thanks for reading guys!!
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  3. by   ParkerBC,MSN,RN
    MGH????? Which facility is that if you don't mind me asking.
  4. by   Erindel RN
    Oh sorry, its Mass General Hospital in Boston.
  5. by   psulli2010
    Oh congrats on getting a job at MGH! I am currently waiting on a job as an NA in the PACU at south shore hosp in Weymouth. The wait is killing me. But anyway, have you started the job yet? I also volunteered in the recovery room and loved it so I am so excited to possibly work in pacu. I hope to hear about the new job and congrats again!
  6. by   Erindel RN
    Hi psulli2010! Thanks, im excited about the job. I dont start orientation until may 2. I was a volunteer on that floor for over a year and finally a job opened up and I got hired. I love the preop pacu environment. I hope you get the job too! How long have u been a volunteer there? I would love to be cross trained in the OR, that would be fun too. Well thanks for responding. Ttyl
  7. by   psulli2010
    Thank You! I just found out that i got the job today !! I am BEYOND excited! I start May 2nd as well. I have actually been volunteering in recovery at a hospital on the North Shore but decided that I want to relocate closer to boston..Im going to nursing school in the fall. I totally agree that volunteering is a great way to get your foot in the door. I don't think i would've gotten interviews if i didn't have that on my resume; especially since I have zero healthcare experience. Anyway, you'll have to keep me updated on your experiences at MGH! Good luck with everything
  8. by   Erindel RN
    Congrats on the job i am so happy for you!! I hope we both have great experiences in the pacu. I live on the northshore, were u at beverly hosp or nsmc? Both are great hospitals too. I am waitlisted for next fall for nursing. Hopefully i will get in soon. Well lets talk again in a couple of weeks and see how are orientations are going. Good luck and have fun
  9. by   psulli2010
    Erindel, how was your orientation this week? I hope everything went well for you and you are excited about your job! I had my general hospital orientation this week and start on the floor monday! I really like my hospital so far; everyone is so nice! Well, I hope to hear from you.
  10. by   Erindel RN
    Hi psulli, glad to hear from you! I had my orientation in boston on mon and tues then i reported to my department on thurs and fri. I have scheduled days so far till the end of june. I will b working about 2/3 days per week. I love it so far. I already knew most people except now im getting to know the OR staff. I love that atmosphere. There is so much to learn. I work next tues, wed, and thurs.

    The best news i have though is im excepted to nursing school for fall 2011! I got called off the waitlist this past monday and i accepted the spot. I was so thrilled and surprised. I have school orientation next friday.

    I hope you have a great orientation next week. I carry a little notepad with me to put important info in it regarding my department. I know u will do great. Let me know the end of next week how your training goes.

    Have fun!
  11. by   psulli2010
    CONGRATS on getting into nursing school!!! That's so exciting! Where will you be going?
    I love my job so far! I've had training everyday this week and I've already learned so much. The nurses are so helpful...since they know i'm a student they are willing to show me things. The Dr's are even going to let me into the OR to watch some procedures I hope your training is going well!
  12. by   teasnightmare
    I also got accepted into nursing school in the fall 2011. I was thinking about applying to MGH for a PCA position. Any info on jobs?
  13. by   Erindel RN
    Hi psulli, the school im going to is middlesex cc. Adn program and i will transfer to salem state rn to bsn program through a mass transfer program.
    Thats awesome they will let u see some procedures. The crna at my place said i can watch an intubation which will b so cool. Im glad your doing well. Its a fun floor to work on. I work with the best nurses!

    Teasnightmare, the best way to get in is to volunteer at MGH. Ive been there for over a year. You need good connections in my opinion to work there, also if u do clinicals there, thats another good way to get in. goodluck!
  14. by   Sabr&Shukr
    Quote from Erindel
    the best way to get in is to volunteer at MGH. Ive been there for over a year. You need good connections in my opinion to work there, also if u do clinicals there, thats another good way to get in. goodluck!

    Hi Erindel,

    Who did you speak with about volunteering at MGH? I worked @ MGH as an MA for two years a couple years ago. I just finished my first semester of nursing school and have been applying everywhere to try to get a pca/cna position. Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Congratulations and best wishes with everything!!