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just got hired at MGH as a PCA in PACU - page 2

Hi, i just got my offer today to accept my position as a per diem pca in the preop recovery area. i am so excited. is there anyone else who works as a pca in preop/pacu? i have been volunteering... Read More

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    Hi Sabr, I went to the mgh website and went to the volunteer link and signed up for a volunteer orientation, then once that is complete you sign up for an interview then the volunteer office decides whether you would be a good fit to volunteer at mgh. you can also go to the main campus, gray bigelow bldg ground floor and get info there.
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    Hey Erindel,

    Thanks so much for the info. I just checked, but the next orientation is full. So I'll just wait until the next one comes up. Thanks again and best wishes with everything
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    Your welcome sabr!
    Goodluck with everything too