How to network when you are new in the healthcare field?

  1. I recently became a CNA and got admitted into the nursing program of a local community college. I am also an immigrant to the US (I have been here for two years now). I found out that when you look for a good job, it is very important to know people who could recommend you, or serve as references.

    Right now I am trying to make contact with nurses and other healthcare professionals who work in Connecticut (this is where I am), but I don't know anyone! My classmates seem to not be willing to help; there is a lot of competition.

    Help, how do I meet people? I can't just write emails to people on facebook and ask them to meet with me. That would be just creepy! How do I start networking in this field?

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  3. by   Altara
    Try to volunteer at the local hospital. Create relationships there since the competition part with the staff is somewhat already set in place. Volunteering is always a great start-even if you aren't working. Then, the staff at the hospital may or may not write recommendation letters for you for when you apply for work at another hospital.
  4. by   Autymn
    Otilika - I would check out your state board and see if there are any CE/continuing education trainings available for a CNA. If those line up with something you'd like to obtain, and if the cost is reasonable that would be a way of improving your knowledge while working through school. You'd have a chance of perhaps meeting other CNA's near/or from your area, as well as the instructors of the courses...
  5. by   otilika
    Guys, I am happy to say that I was invited for an interview at a hospital without anyone recommending me!!!! I don't know if I am getting the job, but I am so relieved to see that you can get interviews even by taking the traditional route; apply online then wait
  6. by   BrisonL
    Great question!!! I too desperately need to network. It seems like volunteering is the best way, though I need a paying job. It was so tough to get into the nursing program and the degree of difficultly seem not lighten up. Wishing you well in your interview as I'm hoping to get one soon...
  7. by   otilika
    Just as an update.. I haven't heard from the hospital yet, and it's been a week since the interview. I had the feeling that I did well, but maybe they had better candidates, or maybe it's too early to have an answer yet. Or maybe they are doing a background check first, and then they'll call.

    In the meantime, I ask around to find out if any of my friends has any friends who are nurses. I found two so far, and asked my friends to speak with their nurse friends and find out if it's OK for me to contact them. So I contacted two so far, via facebook and asked if they could give me some practical tips... I hope I don't appear like a stalker to them let's see....

    I sent my volunteer application to two hospitals, and haven't heard back from any yet. Wondering how soon they are willing to take new volunteers...

    Please let me know if you guys have additional tips.
  8. by   otilika
    I got the job! And I am so happy to see that it can be done without anyone referring you or putting a word in for you. 10 days after the interview, I wrote an e-mail to the HR person who interviewed me to ask if a decision has been made and if not, whether there is anything else I can do to increase my chances. Ten minutes later she called me and made me an offer, which I, of course, accepted. I guess the real networking will start at work.