How to get my foot into the Women's Specialties door?

  1. Hey all! I am a CNA, working at an acute care hospital as a PCT (already cross trained for accu check and EKG, working on getting my phlebotomy license this summer) in a Med/Onc unit.
    I love love love my co-workers (night shift peeps rock!) but this is not exactly my first choice of units to work in. I have known for a long time now that women's specialties is where my heart belongs, and I want to get my foot in the door now as a PCT to improve my chances of getting an RN job in L&D or M/B or NICU, and gain invaluable learning experience. How to go about it though I am not sure.
    There are currently not any PCT spots available in these units at my hospital (and I want to stay here for sure)... I want to ask my manager if she can help me make this transition, but am worried that she will be unhappy that I want to leave (as we JUST barely have enough staff for night shift to work comfortably as it is) and then she won't be very helpful.
    I am also worried, however that if I contacted the managers of M/B or L&D directly, when she found out she'd be feeling like I went behind her back, and maybe say or do something to cause me not to get the new position. Help! What should I do?!
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  3. by   nursing81student
    Email the nursing manager of the unit you wish to work. Explain you are aware that there are no positions available right now, but you are interested in working on that type of unit if a position opens up. Send her your resume and letters of recommendation from your clinical nursing instructors or perhaps a nurse you work with currently. Talk to the staffing office or nurse supervisor at your hospital and let them know of your interests...let them know you would love to float to the NICU, LDRP, etc if there is ever a need. You can also put this on future resumes once you are out of school.

    As for your manager, as long as you act professionally there is no reason for her to hold a grudge or somehow prevent you from getting a different job.