Do I Have a Chance?

  1. Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum and would love to get your feedback.
    I have my eye on a Unit Secretary position (PRN) in the Endoscopy Department at a large hospital. I've been working for the parent health care system for 7 months, (mostly doing 1 on 1 "sitter" duty) and I float to this hospital quite often. I just finished my first evaluation with my manager, and so far everyone is very pleased with my work. I also did a few shifts at this same hospital helping out with Guest Services, and one of the coordinators there couldn't say enough about how she liked my work. While my customer service skills are good, and I have record-keeping experience, I have no previous clerical experience or training in a medical setting. The job announcement states that they prefer someone with one year of hospital experience and HUC certification.

    Am I wasting my time by applying for this job, or do you think there's a chance they'd be willing to train a current employee? Also, do you think an Endoscopy setting would be a good place to start? How does the Unit Secretary pace/workload there compare to, let's say, a Med/Tele floor?
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  3. by   BlueChocolateCat
    I could only imagine that the Endoscopy setting would be a lot more calm compared to you standard medsurg/tele floor.

    However, I would disagree with you statement regarding "no training in a medical setting". You most obviously have been introduced to the hospital setting if you are acting as a sitter. You must have learned quite a bit from that, even if it involved sitting at the end of the bed watching the nurse work.

    So, I would apply! It never hurts to apply. And being an internal employee could make your chances of getting the job higher.

    Also, I would recommend applying immediately. Frequently, hospital jobs are filled quickly.