Broken communication

  1. So yesterday i worked 7p-7a & while getting report from the tech i was relieving one patient that i needed report on she didnt have keeping in mind he has been on the floor since 1220 & its now 630p! No 12p or 4p vital signs were in the system, NO NOTHING! I was upset on the patients behalf! Somewhere there was a lack of communication between the nurse, secretary & tech & to me the patient got the short end of the stick! What if some happened between that time? It bothered me the whole time because A PATIENT WAS NEGLECTED! Im not one to complain but i had to let my supervisor know because its not right & i dont care who doesnt like it! We are called PATIENT CARE TECHS & its ALWAYS ABOUT THE PATIENT. Yes each tech is assigned what room to take & you have to constantly check the board throughout the shift. I felt & still feel really sad for my patient because its like NOBODY CARED ABOUT HIM FOR 6 HOURS & its just not right! Its gonna be a mad nurse & tech tomorrow but i'd rather have that than a dead patient!
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