Has Anybody taken the ANCC Pain Management Certification Test?? Has Anybody taken the ANCC Pain Management Certification Test?? | allnurses

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Has Anybody taken the ANCC Pain Management Certification Test??

  1. 0 i'm about to take the test in a month. the only book that i am using to review is the pain management book i used to get my ceus completed for the requirement. i really dont think i have enough resource to prepare me.. i have looked everywhere!! ancc doesnt seem to have a reviewer for pain management exam. anybody who has taken it before? what did u use to review? how was the exam? any tips? anybody about to take it too??? thanks a million!! xo
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    I am prepping for this exam in the following manner: looked at the credentialing site and took the practice tests, reviewed the reference list (quite lengthy......26 references total) and ordered a few books from amazon.com to study with. Best books so far have been: Core Curriculum for Pain Management Nursing (ASPN), Pain Assessment and Pharmacological Management (Pasero and McCaffery). Many of the references are online and you can download them. There is a test content outline, summarizing all the content on exam and what percentage of each topic is included. I began studying in January and plan to take exam by summer. There is lots of good info on the credentialing site, but I am sure you have seen it. I think there is a review course, with modules online available for purchase. I wanted to dig all the info out for myself and take my time.