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We had an interesting topic in discussion today about how the State Board Of Nursing is pro medical marijuana. For many people suffering from chronic pain it's a great alternative to narcotics - which in my opinion hold a much... Read More

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    Interesting topic. I've wondered this for awhile, now. Although I feel anyone w/ a THC medical card should be allowed to exercise their right to intake, I also feel no medical professional should go to work impaired. Rarely (& years ago) I have imbibed & could not imagine going to work... or even wanting to, in that condition. That said, how could one prove they are not impaired if drug tested? No matter the legal substance found to be positive? Taking a med at bedtime is way different than just prior to work. And just to throw an off-topic comment, how many night shifters have gone to work "impaired" from lack of sleep?
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    I agree, smoking up before work is a bad idea. I couldn't function on it. It sucks but sometimes you have to suck up the pain. 12 hours would be a long time to deal with it. Just remember, when you get home you can smoke yourself to la la land. I'm curious to know if RNs can smoke up in Colorado and Washington state. I know it is legal but I'm sure there are some policies at work.

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