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Based on feedback and several request ( request), we have opened this PACU Nursing Forum. Please utilize this forum to discuss issues that are relevant to PACU and network with other nurses that... Read More

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    waaaaaaaaaaay delayed response but ABSOLUTELY
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    Great site.
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    Hi you guys...I'm sooo excited to be among good company here in the pacu forum. I'm looking forward to having a resource for advice since I'll be starting in the PACU after having worked pediatrics for a year and women's care for a year. I'm looking forward to something new and exciting and I hope that you share my joy!!
    Thanks!! ~Kimmie
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    Thanks for this PACU forum! last time I checked in at AllNurses for one,I was disappointed. Great to have a PACU 'home' here!!
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    Thank you
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    (...............from a nurse with a lot of PACU experience) :wink2:
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    this is great!! glad to see pacu nurses with their own group..i've been told we are the step children of the hospital...i love my job..just not the treatment we get
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    I'm with you on the treatment part. Sometimes we are treated like step-children. We are a critical care area that keeps people alive. I find it interesting that some ICU nurses (FYI: I love and respect ICU nurses) don't feel we measure up until a patient is supposed to go direct, then they want them recovered in PACU because we are better at it!
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    you are exaCTLY RIGHT! JUST THIS PAST FRIDAY..HAD TO KEEP A PATIENT IN PACU THAT SHOULD HAVE GONE TO ICU..somdays i wanna fight and some days i just wanna go home
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    Thanks... I really like the comments on PAKU nursing, I am laughing already... Looking forward to the interesting topics and sharing the unique experiences of PACU nursing.
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    I have heard on more than one occassion that in order to get accepted into a crna program one has to have 2 yrs ICU experience..well what about 2 yrsPACU experience..will this not work and if not then WHY? If so then why isnt the nurse applying been told this? i think a PACU nurse is perfectly qualified to handle any cardiac event or otherwise !! Dont you?
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    Thank You
    I am in Indiana, Clarian West Medical Center, Avon, In--APU/PACU