should LVN in CA work in PACU

  1. My OB manager is pressing me to orient to care for post-op C/S patients. She has already sent me for ACLS. Just a note will be testing for RN boards soon. Ten yrs. exp LVN in OB.
    Are there many LVNs already working in this dept.? Any advice?
    -How long for good orientation?
    -Any other training suggested?

    Thanks in advance for replies.
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  3. by   SaraO'Hara
    (I'm an LVN)

    I would not suggest working there while you're still an LVN. So many things that are done in PACUs, eg IV push meds, are outside our scope of practice.
  4. by   lmolvr

    I am an LPN that was just hired to work in the PACU at a local hospital here in the Twin Cities. I haven't started yet, but I will be transporting patients, keeping the area stocked, and helping the RN in any way that they may need. At the interview my manager showed me like a three page list of duties I could perform.

    I'm a little nervous, it will be fast-paced but a tremendous learning experience (I'm in school for my RN). I have been an LPN for three years...mostly in a transitional care unit in a nursing home.

    If your manager is encouraging you to take the position, I'd consider it. They have obviously seen something in you that makes them think you would be good at it. The biggest question is if this is something you want. If you do...I say go for it. You can always transfer out if you get there and decide you don't like it.

    Good luck in whatever you choose!