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  1. I have a job offer right now and having such a hard time deciding about the job. I am a RN from the US and this will be my first RN job in Canada. It is an adult and pediatric PAR. I come from 2 years working in an adult ICU. I am a little worried about the orientation the employer is willing to offer-which is only 2 weeks. I have never worked with pediatrics as young as 2 days old and will be working days and nights ( with only one other RN). It is a huge move- and the employer did say if for some reason I didn't work out (after I have worked the 250 hours) my registration with the province would have to be cancelled. Could some PAR/PACU RN's share their thoughts about this? Especially regarding Peds PACU????

    Thank you
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  3. by   GHGoonette
    I'm a bit concerned about that short orientation period; babies, with their tiny airways, can be scary to recover. My rule of thumb is, if they're intubated, keep the tube in as long as possible, and never remove with the first cough. However, most anaesthetists that I've worked with wake the little ones up in OR, so it's usually plain sailing from there on in.

    If you don't feel comfortable working with the little ones on your own, ask the anaesthesia provider to stay with you until the kiddy's awake.