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PACU or OR nurse??

  1. 0 I've been currently working in an outpatient dialysis unit for more than 3 years in So.Cal.

    I used to work in med/sug for 2years,OR for 6 1/2 years outside of U.S which mainly dealt with GS,transplant surgery not neuro or orthpedics.I've dreamed of going back to OR but I think it would be okay to expose myself in a different area to broaden my knowledge to PACU.
    One day, one of my pts husband came to me, he's going through Lap.cholecystectomy which I've done it thousands of times back in my country.I explained him that I don't know how the surgery will go in U.S but informed him with my previous vivid experience.He came to me again a couple of days later,the surgeon explained him exactly the same I did.

    Also, the other day, one of my patients who's very close to me,always jokes around, told me he's had abd.pain for a couple of days pointing out RLQ, reminding me of Appendicitis.He had N/V,rebound tenderness,too.I told him I'm gonna send him to ER after dialysis to check up.First of all, he didn't take it seriously,saying"I'll be okay,Don't worry about it" I reinforced to explain him how it will be if he donesn't go on time to get surgery.Finally, he got emergency appendectomy that night without any complications.

    Do you guys think that it's better for me to go back to OR nurse or challenge myself to PACU?Also, Am I eligible to apply a hopital OR/PACU experienced outside of U.S?

    I've heard that in the U.S, OR nurses do circulating more than scrub and have to work with surgical techs.I've worked with dialysis techs,too.I can imagine a little bit how it's like. Also, some grouchy surgeons......
    I don't wanna deal with techs and mean surgeons anymore.That's why I'm thinking of moving on PACU.

    I don't mind to get oncalls.Been there,done that as a charge nurse and preceptor.

    Thanks for comments in advance all.
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    When you refer to OR experience, do you mean scrub or circulating? If you've circulated, and most importantly understand anaesthetic and its effects, you already have an excellent body of knowledge which can be utilized in the PACU setting. Whether this would be regarded as adequate training in the US I don't know, but it's certainly worth a try.

    I see no reason why you shouldn't put out feelers to see where there are posts available; if push came to shove, you could take up a circulating post on the understanding that you would be notified if an opening came in PACU.
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    Thank you so much,it's time to move on next step for me.
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    I'm currently 7mos past graduating rn. want to move on to somethng else. I'm interested in surgery-not sure what type yet. what do you all reccomend? I'm currently stuck in the Rehab part of a LTC facility.
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    Quote from kdc290
    I'm currently 7mos past graduating rn. want to move on to somethng else. I'm interested in surgery-not sure what type yet. what do you all reccomend? I'm currently stuck in the Rehab part of a LTC facility.
    It might be better if you posted your question in the Operating Room forum; you'd probably get a wider response, and some good advice as to the best course to follow.

    If you read through the PACU forum, you will realize that some level of critical or intensive care experience is usually required, although there are exceptions. Your first step should be to start applying to hospitals in your vicinity, and I should presume you would need to kick off with something like Med-Surge. I also think, from reading comments posted on AN, that you need to get out of LTC altogether, as quickly as possible, if you wish to move into something as specialized as OR or PACU. Good luck!

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