PACU interview qustions?... please help~

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    I have an interview next week for PACU RN position.
    I've been working as cardiac stepdown nurse for 3 years and I don't have any experience in PACU...
    I'm getting ready for the interview but I wanna get some ideas of interview questions...

    Thank you in advance!

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    I have been a nurse for almost 7 years and only had med-surg experience when I applied to work pacu. It's definitely a change but a good one and you probably know more than you think. I've been working in pacu for 2 months now and have adjusted well. Some questions you might be asked are:

    How do you feel about being on call?
    How comfortable are you being assertive with physicians to get what you need quickly?
    Do airways freak you out?! Patients coming out intubated
    What experience do u have with monitors, art lines, vents?
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    Don't forget to prepare some questions you want to ask.

    "Do you operate within ASPAN standards?"

    "How long is orientation?"

    "How many nurses are certified, CPAN or CAPA?"

    PACU is a great place to work. I wish you luck and success!

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