New preop nurse

  1. I am a circulator moving to Preop, I will be backing up PACU occasionally on-call. (I missed patient interaction.)
    I graduated in 2007 and went straight to the OR.
    Any tips or "lessons learned" for a newbie?
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    As an OR circulator, you were responsible for many things, but above all - the safety of the patient. Your new role of preop nurse will obviously allow you more interaction and communication with patients, but the main goal is still safety of the patient. Your experience will enable you to know exactly what needs to be done to get the patient to the OR. Preop orders are easy to follow- EKGs, Consent forms signed/witnessed, anesthesia forms, IV fluids and antibiotics, sequentials, TEDS, op site prepped, etc...
    What comes from simple experience is starting IVs and reassuring "nervous Nellies". Lets face it, almost everyone who comes in for surgery is nervous/rattled/scared/fatigued and they are looking for some sort of reassurance that they are 'doing the right thing.' Never promise a smooth outcome as a reassurance, you will on occasion be inadvertantly lying.... I like to give reassurances by saying "You are in good hands; we are all here for you; you will be in recovery before you know it :wink2:!! Your new job will also involve more interaction with the patient's family/friends. Make sure you have family involved if thats what the patient needs, and always allow them to see the patient before going into the OR, if allowed.
    If you will be responsible for administering preop meds - know your drugs!! Versed, Reglan, Decadron, Zantac, etc. Be diligent about the patient's listed allergies and possible side effects of any med you give.
    You get to be the first in line of any potential complication a patient may present, so keep in touch with your OR!!! Remember, safety first at all times:heartbeat Good luck with your new position!!!
  4. by   myoho913
    I appreciate the encouragement and information... I feel better about making the move.
    I can't wait to have more time to interact with the patient, I will be starting IVs and giving pre-op drugs so I'll refresh myself on them.
    Thanks again. :spin: